ABOUT Red Bird Knits and reknitted

Red Bird Knits opened in February 2001 in order to present a unique selection of yarns, particularly for socks, and later expanded to offer yarns and patterns for socks, scarves, shawls and other delights. We now a small selection of yarns - Robyn's Favourites - yarns that we love to work with and that are necessary to our happiness and contentment. reknitted opened in January of 2015 in order to supply what we see as a growing trend towards upcycling, reclaiming, reusing and refreshing. Being frugal and still following our passion is a current watchword for us and we hope that you will follow this trend and see the value in reclaiming great yarns and knitting them into great items

Originally prompted to start the business when finding very little choice, there is now a huge ranges of choices out there - sometimes too many to be able to decide among them. We will continue to present a select group of new yarns, adding slowly to the choices as we find others we can't live without. All have been knitted with and worked and re-worked and you can be sure that they are some of the prime yarns available.

We will continue to develop new patterns with these yarns and as always, Red Bird Knits patterns will be available for download from Patternfish

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We will always provide fun to knit and interesting techniques and patterns and yarns and aim to provide quick, efficient, excellent customer service.

Red Bird Knits people:

Robyn (aka Robyn RedBird) has been knitting since she was 6, starting with a doll blanket of red and white Canadiana and hasn't stopped for more that a few days ever since. Socks are her passion and she is also crazy about colour and has developed several sock patterns that explore the relationships among colours and interesting ways to show them off. Texture is another favourite, with cables at the top of the list.

Robyn has a background is in business and finance, but her real loves are knitting, music, and gardening.

Robyn's son and nephew have developed this web site from the ground up and provide regular maintenance and updates. Robyn is almost solely responsible for the latest version. Not sure if that is a good or bad thing! (With lots of help from the usual suspects (the other RG and CJ) - Thanks guys!)